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"To empower men to be more than their circumstances. To let us know that we are not alone. To open our minds to seeing things in ways that we never imagined. To encourage us to strive for growth and be better whether its as a father, student, son, partner, and/or contributing member of society. To give the tools to be better and not just expect us to know better. To learn from the experiences of others, taking away something that works for us.  And lastly to pay it forward and make another young man strong. I AM this demographic and I identify strongly with it."

- S.Perada

"I'm sharing my story with "THOUGHTS" magazine because i feel that it will encourage those who need guidance. I feel that men are an emotionally neglected species, especially men of color who have many diverse backgrounds from different countries. I hope that this will encourage those men to speak their thoughts and feelings and help them move into meaningful relationships with both their partners and children."

Andre O. Flores
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