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RONNIE WRIGHT PHOTOGRAPHER BET's 106 & Park Primary Photographer Credits: Beyonce, Jay-Z, Mariah Carey, Tupac, Micheal Jackson etc. 2002 Fashion Photographer of the Year

Ronnie Wright...“Photographer to the Stars,” is how he’s known in the entertainment industry. He is a photographer extraodinaire, whose work is so coveted celebrities like janet jackson  mariah carey  mary j blige , chris brown, denzel washington, halle berry,  chaka khan just to name a few  and open for modeles and anybody else who needs me seek him out and insist on having him do all of their photography work. This is quite an accomplishment for a self-taught young man, who more than 27 years ago was traveling with a musical group's change keith sweat  skyy and the seduction band and opening up for recording artist Atlantic Star. 

Now Ronnie is on the other side of the stage, or if need be, on the floor, or hanging onto the wall to get the perfect shot. It is rare that a concert premier or listening party is going on in NYC and you not to see Wright’s face behind the camera. He’s getting that up close and personal shot of industry people or performers such as: Toni Braxton, Babyface, Mary J Blige, Boys II Men, P. Diddy or Maxwell.Janet & MICHAEL Jackson Mariah Carey And More 

Not limited to the East Coast, Ronnie’s territories include Hollywood to Japan, having done work for actors Charles Dutton, Will Smith and Denzel Washington. He works as a freelance photographer for most of the major record labels including Warner Bros., Sony, Motown and Arista Records. His work has also appeared in most major magazines, newspapers, as well as numerous album covers. Ronnie works closely with record companies and publicity firms. He has accompanied singer Keith Sweat on a Japan tour, and has covered happening events in the music industry including The Essence Awards, Grammies, Soul Train Awards as well as The Apollo Hall of Fame Awards. 

Blessed with a team of talented web/multimedia and digital photography technologists, Ronnie is one of the few celebrity photographers in the USA who has made a smooth and successful metamorphosis into the world of digital imaging and photography. This transition immediately benefits website clients, magazines, radio, TV and cable stations wanting to take advantage of urban celebrity content already in digital form. Ronnie Wright’s mark has been on countless styling and publicity shots for such artist as Whitney Houston, mariah carey alicia keys 

janet jackson jill scott The Temptations, diana ross, Jagged Edge, Ice Cube, LL Cool J and The Backstreet Boys. 

After all, ask the Stars themselves and the works they’ve been in, such as Vibe, Ebony, BET, Essence, Jet, Universal, Disney and numerous Broadway shows. This puts Wright in direct contact with the movers and shakers of the urban entertainment world. 

Comedic and down-to-earth, a swollen head is not part of his make-up. A native New Yorker, Ronnie Wright’s work has surpassed him with accomplished shoots for Kelly Price, Jennifer Lopez, Michael, Janet Jackson, Smokey Robinson, Sisqo, Jay Z, Destiny’s Child, Erykah Badu, R.Kelly, Ashford & Simpson and many, many more. Ronnie Wright loves his job. Each day holds potential and possibility for himself even to the new breaking artist coming on to the scene. 

Being such a top demand is treatment to his professionalism and the promise of future success.

I AM A YOUNG MAN STRONG because I believe in making everyone look good. Let me make you a Star!!!!


Oscar Rivera

“Always be true to yourself and follow your heart. Paying it forward doesn’t take much effort.  Be kind to someone. Just saying hello to someone you don’t know can make a huge difference in someones life”. 

My name is Oscar Rivera, 54, I am first generation American from Puerto Rican-Columbian parents. I grew up in a loving home in the middle of Spanish Harlem. My father provided for his family. He taught me great work ethics. I am now a Production Manager and oversee 8 different departments and play a vital role in the educational system. My job is to make sure my duties are done in a timely fashion. 

I get up everyday to work and provide for my family. I take on challenges of the day and put into practice what I learned. Everyday I walk outside my home, I want to be viewed as a man. period. I am a Man and want to be treated as such.

I have many extracurricular activities, but my passion is Photography. Photography allows me to learn more about myself and unwind. It offers me opportunity to capture the outdoors as an image. I travel many places to capture beauty. 

I am a YOUNG MAN STRONG because I feel like I have a lot to offer people because of my experience in life and I am willing to share with all. 


Wade Irby Sr.

"I am a Young Man Strong because my dad always been my Superman; always have and always will".

My name is Wade Irby Sr. I was born May 28, 1963. I am the sixth and last child to Otis and Christine Irby. I am a husband and a father To four wonderful boys; two of which are twins. I wear many hats. I am a photographer by trade; shooting for over 20 years. After graduating high school I enlisted in the United States Marine Corpse Reserve in 1982 for 9 years. In 1986 I was named Marine Of The Year. Within that 9 years I always had employment. In 1989 I started Working for the New York City Department of Sanitation. While there  I've been and driving instructor, classroom instructor, sanitation police officer, supervisor and a safety officer. Other hats that God has bless me to wear are being that of  a mentor to our young males, a cook and a baker( thanks to my mom ). Failure is not an option when others are looking up to you. So I had to succeed in all that I did. After retiring at the age of 46 Years old I could now focus on being the man GOD wants me to be. A positive, productive man in society. I do my photography, pursuing a degree in massage therapy and run my own home base business. All of this, and the freedom to be the man I was meant to be for my family and others. My dad had always been my Superman; always have and always will. He taught me how to be a man, A YOUNG MAN STRONG!


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