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Events/ Conferences 

Young.Men.Strong, LLC will service the community by providing a combination of  (cultural, social, business, civic) events or seminars that will provide eduational tools, know-how, whose who, and proactive solutions to reocurring issues surrounding our males of color of all ethnic backgrounds. Our overall focus is to enlighten, inspire, and motivate everyone with the desire to learn how to become a Young Man Strong in and outside of the organization while providing light refreshments of food, music, and entertainment from around the world. 

MEN-torships / MAN-cations 

Y.M.S Mentorship program is designed to give authentic love to one another regardless of cultural variances. This is your opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and build a lasting relationship with a male who actually NEEDS you. The aspect of this is to be able to offer your skill, expertise, experience, and/or hands on training to pass on to the next generation. The goal is to step up to the plate and be the big brother, father, role model you wished you'd had in your life if you didn’t have one. Our man-cations are vacations specifically for our males of color. They are designed for you and your mentee to bond, open up, share your THOUGHTS, and build a lifetime of brotherhood. Fees for Y.M.S card carrying members is slightly less than for non-members. All males of color are welcome to attend the man-cations. 


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